Artas – Indonesia Seamless Tube

Message From The President Director

The role of seamless pipe manufacturers is strategic in supporting the needs of various other industrial sectors including: upstream and downstream oil & gas, geothermal energy development, construction, infrastructure, and the development of liquid bulk terminal pipelines at ports.

 PT Artas Energi Petrogas, as the premier seamless pipe producer in Indonesia is positioned to meet the needs of these various industrial sectors. Artas will play a pivotal role in achieving domestic energy sovereignty; Indonesia has a target of one million barrels oil production per day and 12 billion cubic feet gas production per day by 2030.

In the midst of various global and domestic challenges, the management of PT Artas Energi Petrogas has mobilized resources to assist realizing Indoensia’s energy goals while simultaneously service to the global demand of OCTG and Line Pipe products.  

We are dedicated to providing high quality products and our manufacturing capabilities to the benefit of domestic and international operators alike.


Established under Articles of Association No, 18 received legal approval based on the Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. C-7936. PT Artas Energi Petrogas is a producer of seamless steel pipes and other related products with range diameter of 140 mm (5 inch) to 340 mm (13 inch). The product portfolio consists of a variety of customized pipes, such as casing, line pipe, and coupling pipe. Artas set out manufacture a superior product to fulfill domestic and international demand for OCTG and Line Piping.

Located in industry zone of Krakatau Industrial Estate Cilegon (KIEC), Cilegon, Banten Province,
PT Artas Energi Petrogas adopts Germany technology for producing seamless pipe products with Hot Roll Mill and Heat Treatment production lines.

Our production capacity is 200.000 metric ton a year for our Hot Roll Mill and 100.000 metric ton a year for our Heat Treatment. PT Artas Energi Petrogas has in house quality control and testing facilities in order to ensure the highest quality product according to international standards. Our facilities include Hydro Testing, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic Particle Inspection, and Electromagnetic Testing, as well as state of the art laboratory dedicated to hardenability, tensile, impact testing and chemical analysis.

In addition, PT Artas Energi Petrogas owns and operates pre-finishing facilities for coating and marking before they are stored or shipped.