Artas – Indonesia Seamless Tube


Jose Antonio E Reyes, President Director of PT Artas Energi Petrogas

Message From President Director

In many countries, the role of seamless pipe manufacturers is strategic in supporting the needs of various other industrial sectors, including: upstream and downstream oil & gas, geothermal energy development, construction and infrastructure, and the development of liquid bulk terminal pipelines at ports. PT Artas Energi Perogas, as a seamless pipe producer in Indonesia, positions its business activities to meet the needs of these various industrial sectors, especially those leading to national capacity in building energy sovereignty with a target of 1 million barrels oil production per day and 12 billion cubic feet gas production per day by 2030.
In the midst of various global and domestic challenges, as well as internal dynamics that are not entirely conducive, Top Management of PT Artas Energi Petrogas wholeheartedly mobilizes all available resources to realize a real contribution to support the government's success in building national energy sovereignty. To that end, we declare that we are dedicated to pursuing world-leading technology and manufacturing capabilities, and to provide the good quality of products that benefit national interest.